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Lakewood Alignment and Brake Service   303-233-4681 

Auto Services Center in Denver Colorado is your full-service auto maintenance and car care shop offering complete auto repair and service, brake repair, muffler and exhaust, and all other critical auto maintenance needs for your car. 

In the Denver Area... Before you hit the road, make sure your preparation includes getting your car in shape for trip. We do it all from brakes and regular maintenance to oil changes and batteries. We also have the ability to troubleshoot "check engine light" and repair what is necessary. If you are looking for a total car maintenance service and repair professional in Denver, someone you can trust to fix it all AND tell you when nothing needs fixing - you can depend on us!

We handle all of your car care and repair needs: routine service, maintenance, batteries, brakes, filters, spark plugs, shocks, struts, and more.
We specialize in wheel alignments, 4 wheel alignment and suspension work for cars and trucks.

We can provide a complete inspection of your automobiles major components such as brakes, suspension, etc. Many components (e.g ball joints), can not be inspected visually, so you can rely on our expert mechanics to perform the services necessary to give you a reliable report every time.


Our shop has the ability to do wheel alignments on lifted trucks, lowered vehicles, limousines, race cars and hot rods. We can also align vehicles with up to 27 inch wide rims and oversize tires. We can do 4 wheel alignments on trucks and cars of any make. The equipment we use along with the shop design, gives us the ability to do what other shops cannot do!

A proper and regular car maintenance service will not only protect your car but also extend its life and keeps you safer on the road.

The best part is that we make it easy for you to carry out a thorough car maintenance service schedule. It does not take much time or effort and will help you save money on costly repairs and other service by properly maintaining your car.


Are your brakes grinding on that truck or car you own? The longer you wait, the worst it gets and more costly the repair becomes.

Auto Repair, Denver Colorado Our commitment is to provide the Best car care and automotive repair service in the industry through a continuous dedication to Quality and Customer Service for our loyal customers.

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  Auto Repair, Denver Colorado The best car care and automotive repair service through a continuous dedication to Quality and Customer Service for our loyal customers. Schedule your wheel alignments service needs today. Call (720) 295-0837
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Automobile Brake Service & Wheel Alignments

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